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Amsterdam Lowlanders Gay Rugby Club - Gay Rugby Amsterdam

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ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders

The ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders is the only gay and straight friendly Rugby Union team in the Netherlands.

What started off small in 2003 with only a handful of players training and playing rugby in the woods of the Amsterdamse Bos, is now a thriving Rugby Union team with a firm position within the Amstelveense Rugby Club (ARC), our home.

The Lowlanders are active and visible members of the Dutch and Amsterdam gay community. We joined the Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade several times (see here and here ), organise or attend different kinds of social events (e.g. Roze Filmdagen, Bear Necessity, Mr. Bear election) and fundraisers in the city of Amsterdam, and of course you can often find us in the city for the occasional team drink-up at the bars, such as Spijker Bar!

The Lowlanders are also affiliated with Pride & Sports Amsterdam, the main contact point for LGBTQIA+ sports in Amsterdam.

The Bingham Cup 2018 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Lowlanders have won the right to host the ninth biennial Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Tournament - also known as the Bingham Cup - which will take place in the Dutch capital in June 2018. The Lowlanders' bid came first in a recent vote by all sixty IGR member clubs, despite facing strong competition from Edinburgh's Caledonian Thebans, London's Kings Cross Steelers and Toronto Muddy York who also presented high quality bids to the IGR Trustees back in July. Amsterdam's win signals the first time that the Bingham Cup will be hosted in continental Europe since the tournament's inception back in 2002. Please visit the Bingham Cup website for all details. Our tagline is ‘Prepare for impact’, as impact is what we aim for. We will show the world why we love rugby so much, while breaking barriers of homophobia in sport and giving rugby in the Netherlands a huge boost.
Welcome to Amsterdam: one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Welcome to the first Bingham Cup in Continental Europe.

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Mister Bear Amsterdam 2016
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Pictures by Kevin Scott

Over the years, Kevin Scott has been with us at our games, tournaments, social events and fundraisers as our main sports photographer, and a Lowlanders Supporter! For all pictures of the Lowlanders, take a look at Kevin Scott's photography website.

Amstelveense Rugby Club

The Lowlanders call the Amstelveense Rugby Club (ARC) their home and its players their rugby family. Ever since 2008 we have had the pleasure of training on ARC's pitches, using its facilities and playing alongside ARC's players in the Dutch Competition. Together with the Amstelveense Rugby Club, the Lowlanders continue to increase their number of players, become more experienced and generally grow as a sports club.


The Lowlanders have always prided themselves on being welcoming to any and all players from around the world. It's how our team has become very diverse throughout the years, with everyone bringing something unique to the pitch.

The Lowlanders Board is the organizational backbone of our Rugby Team. However a handful of people can't possibly run an entire rugby team on their own. That's why we are very proud and couldn't be without our large group of dedicated volunteers and supporters that help us grow, tour abroad to tournaments like the Union Cup and Bingham Cup, and much much more.

Besides the Netherlands, the Lowlanders hail from the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Italy, USA, UK, the Caribbean, Ireland, Hungary, New Zealand, Switzerland, Greece, Argentina, Romania, Spain and Peru.

General familiar faces to talk to for more information regarding the Lowlanders are:


Tuesday 20:30 - 22:30 | Thursday 20:30 - 22:30

The Lowlanders train on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the ARC pitches in Amstelveen.
Tuesday is a dedicated Lowlanders training, Thursday we train with ARC3.
First visits and trainings are always welcome! No entry level in rugby or fitness is needed as we are fully focused on bringing you up to speed as quickly as possible!

First Training

We don't expect you to invest in rugby equipment right away, just bring:
- a pair of soccer shoes with cleats and socks
- Strong pair of sport shorts and shirt
- Gum-shield
- Towel

Join or Support!


Ask any of our guys, being a Lowlander brings a certain feel of 'pride' and 'family' with it. The absolute most important thing is for you to feel at home with us! Playing and enjoying the sport, sharing good times & drinks off the pitch and much more.

Not only will you conquer the pitches and matches side-by-side with your fellow teammates, you'll also share the best of times off the pitch, traveling abroad to tournaments and friendly matches, and you'll be amazed by the amount of friends and family you'll have along the road.

We're very excited to have you with us!

Lowlanders Player Membership Fee - €50 per season


Over the years, our number of supporters has grown immensely and we couldn't have done anything without them! Amongst other events, they have made our abroad tours like our Australia Bingham Cup 2014 and Nashville, Tennessee Bingham Cup 2016 possible, as well as coming with us and enjoying the trip, the events and helping the team on location.

Being a Lowlander Supporter means being a part of the family, being with us at our matches, invited to our social events, enjoying the tournaments and much more.

You would be a part of and help fowarding the Inclusive Rugby agenda together with the Lowlanders, and support us during every step of the way to becoming a bigger, better inclusive rugby club.

We would be honoured to have you as our Lowlander Supporter!

Lowlanders Supporter Membership Fee - €25 per season


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Our Sponsors have taken us to new heights, new places and new opportunities. Their logos are proudly worn and visible on all our team apparel, as well as on all our official external communications like posters, cards and flyers.

We are extremely grateful and proud to be sponsored by such fantastic organisations that make a lot possible for us.

Spijker Bar Amsterdam
RoB Amsterdam
Café Kalff
Aqua Tech Europe

If you're interested in becoming a Sponsor of the ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders, please click the button below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


Curious about our naked Lowlanders Rugby Calendar 2018?
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